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The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program

What is WellnessGold?

The Basics

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• The TCU HR WellnessGold program is a member-based program. All TCU faculty, staff, retirees, and their spouse/partner are eligible to become members. To become a member, each must enroll and participate in the WellnessGold 6-week initial program.

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• The initial six-week TCU HR WellnessGold program includes “Wellness Tasks” each member is encouraged to complete. Each of these tasks, distributed among the six dimensions of wellness, requires a member to complete an assignment. These “Wellness Tasks” include educational and participatory workshops as well as tasks that are completed on their own or with friends, family members, and co-workers.

• The objective is to teach the member about each of the six dimensions of wellness, to challenge the member to step outside of his or her comfort zone, and to demonstrate to the member that ‘wellness’ is a more enjoyable choice than ‘illness.’




Our Partners

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• The TCU HR WellnessGold program, by design, utilizes the wealth of knowledge currently available within the TCU community. WellnessGold has developed an “on-campus partner” concept to tap into this multi-faceted knowledge base.

WellnessGold currently partners with faculty, staff, and students from Nursing, Nutrition, Information Technology, Center for Instructional Services, Office of Religious and Spiritual Affairs, Religion, Office of Communications, and Campus Recreation, thereby creating interdepartmental opportunities for sharing knowledge to enhance the overall wellbeing of the TCU community.

• This program design also provides real world opportunities for TCU students to put into practice the theories they learn in the classroom.

The Program

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WellnessGold on-campus partners conduct assessments at the beginning and the end of the six-week period to demonstrate to the member the positive changes that can occur in a short time.

• Assessments include height, body weight, waist circumference, hip circumference, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, stress profile questionnaire, nutrition knowledge questionnaire, and strength level.

• Following the assessment, each member receives access to the online “WellnessGold Task Log,” a journal to complete during the course of the program, his or her initial strength-training log, his or her training heart rate zone, and a heart rate monitor. Over the six-week period the member selects and completes the tasks, and records these events on their log sheet.

• The program encourages members to meet with a fitness specialist from Campus Recreation for individual or small group instruction in physical fitness. The member has continued access to the fitness specialist throughout the six-week time period.


• Long-term benefits in health and well-being result from long-term participation in the activities which produced the change. Accordingly, after the initial six-week program, members participate in a follow-up program, designed to continue the enhancement of their health and well-being.